Adult Art Classes

WHAT I offer both private and group art lessons to any age.  These lessons are designed specifically for the individual and their needs or interests.  It’s great to have consultations with students and/or guardians to find out what they want from their art lesson so that I can write an individualized curriculum.

LENGTH Lessons are taught by the hour, and can be as short or as long as you’d like.  I am flexible and can arrange shorter lessons for younger students if needed.

WHERE  I offer lessons out of my home studio or I can travel to clients depending on their location.  (Held at Jersey Ave. and York in Jersey City, NJ with occasional outdoor venues)

CONTACT If you are interested in receiving art lessons, you may contact me at or call me at 734.392.4753 to set up a consultation.

COST                                                     30 min                                 1 hour

Private (1 Student)                               $35                                       $60

Semi Private (2 Students)                   $60                                       $100

Small Group (3-4 Students)               $25/student                        $40/student

Lessons held in your home vary in cost.  Please contact me with your location for more details.